Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Get Ready For Titanium Certified Application Developer Exam (TCAD) & TCAD Sample Questions

Titanium Certified Application Developer exam can be done online and can be used to test your Titanium development skills. The exam is an online examination and at the time of writing it was priced at  $49.99 . But Appcelerator will provide promo codes time to time and if you are lucky enough you may get the chance to do it free. as in my case. :)

I took the exam on May 2012 and I will share some tips that you may need if you are planning to take TCAD exam.

Appcelerator provides a detailed video tutorial on Titanium. If you simply go through the videos well enough you should be able to make it through.
go to,!/video
and refer the links under 'Building Native Mobile Apps'.

Watch the videos few times and make your own notes on things you will forget.
Another source of reference is the appcelerator wiki, this has loads of info about Titanium and it can be used to get a detailed understanding on the topics covered on the videos. And there are Labs associated with the videos and you can try them out to get a better understanding on the content of each video.

If you have time read the wiki itself but it has quite a lot of detail and everything will not be tested on the exam. So if you need to do the exam quick stick to the topics on the videos and refer the wiki.

The exam will also present you with few questions on Titanium which are not mentioned on the videos,  most of them can be answered if you have actually worked with Titanium for a quite a bit of time. But even without getting all these new questions right you should be able to make the pass score of 75% (At the time of writing)

The exam will test lot of your skills, don't skip topics on the videos. Most of us tend to neglect stuff like deployment, distribution of apps, database etc. But TCAD exam covers all of them  so make sure you are ready for the exam.

Sample TCAD Questions

1. What is considered as the bootstrap file of a Titanium project ?

2. The recommend use of the following ? 
                eval, require, Ti.include

3. What is the read only file directory ?

4. What is the read/write file directory ?

5. The images some times have @2x at the end. How are these images accessed from your code ?

6. What is the format of an appID?

7. What is the database type on Android ?

8. What is the database type on iPhone ?

9. What can be used for persistent data storage ?

10. Which platforms support horizontal and vertical scrolling ?

11. What is the Javascript engine on Android ?

12. What is the Javascript engine on iPhone ?

13. What is the preferred data transmission format for mobile networks ?

14. What mobile platforms does Titanium support ?

15. What is the difference between a simulator and a Emulator ?

16. What is the Android specific name space for UI ?

17. What is the iPhone specific name space for UI ?

18. What is the zIndex ?

19. What is the difference between PhoneGap and Titanium ?

20. What is the configuration file of an Titanium project ?

21. What is the tool used to analyse a native iPhone application ?

22. What is the tool used to analyse a native Android application ?

23. What is the process of deploying an application for AdHoc Distribution?

24. Where would you save user preferences of your application ?

25. What are the layout types for a view ?

26. What are the events associated with Ti.UI.View ?

State if the following are True / False

27. The use of multiple execution contexts are recommended

29. You can access all the native API from a web View

30. Map routing is supported on both iPhone and Android

31. Button bar is supported on both iPhone and Android

32. The Appcelerator Platform is free and open source

33. Http requests on Titanium are asynchronous


  1. Thanks for giving information.Please publish the Introduction to Appcelerator Titanium - Part 2

  2. Are these questions without multiple options?

    1. Yes, they have multiple options at the exam.

    2. Do You have more questions which can help us to prepare for TCD in a short period of time,,, ???

  3. Hey I am new to titanium and I want to deliver something urgent. can I have a listview with multiple columns in titanium?. like first and second item in firstrow and next two on second row.Which should I use for that Tableview or Listview?.please help with sample code, if you can.

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